Experience the Mother of the Waterlines

It is hard to imagine that some 350 years ago this vast expanse of reclaimed land was the scene of fierce battles. In 1672 the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands was attacked in the ‘heart of ‘Holland’.
Despite this force majeure, the enemy troops were unable to advance to the west. This all because we had the Mother of Water Lines.
Look at it and watch it meandering through the reclaimed land(scape). It gives us peace, and space to breath.
The Old Dutch Water Line, Mother of the Waterllines, go out and enjoy it with all your senses and take the Water Line Experience.

Curious? Get acquainted with the Mother of the Waterline. Click here for the brochure.


Drone video A bird eye                                      'Deluge'
of the Old Dutch Waterline                                 experience the tension                                                          

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